31/03-20/05/23 A bird in search of a cage, Installation, Rodeo, London

18-27/03/23 Dance your Way Around Us, Video installations, Rodeo, Piraeus

27-30/03/23 Serpentine Cinema presents: A four-day festival celebrating four decades of film by filmmaker Menelaos Karamaghiolis, Serpentine Gallery, London

2020-2023 “ROM_net”, a platform with on-site and digital screenings & actions in Greece and abroad (in progress)

2020 – 2023 Re-Rec Borders – digital map and field actions (in progress)

2020 – 2023 Consultative Support Action “Task Force” of the project “the AfroGreeks” (in progress)

2019-2023 #no_border_films Online Visual Interactive Action (in progress)

2019-2023 Meta-DOC Lab – Documentary Lab, Laboratory – Archive, and Live Events (in progress)

2015-2023 the AfroGreeks video installation – live events (in progress)

2014-2023 Radio films (podcasts) “WHERE DOES MUSIC GO WHEN WE CANNOT HEAR IT ANYMORE?” and “VOICEMAIL’’ (in progress)

12/09/22 Live event of the collective community project “the AfroGreeks” and open discussion at the solo exhibition of the African-American artist Arthur Jafa at “Piraeus Artport II”, at the Stone Warehouse of Piraeus

6/7/22 Public Action for the Day of Pride and against homophobia in Elefsina with the participation of representatives of the Gay Pride of Athens and the Ministry of Culture and Education, with screenings and public open discussion

23/6/22 Presentation of the collective project (in progress) “the AfroGreeks” at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich

22/6/22 Screening of the film ROM and ROM-net video at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and open discussion with students on Diversity in Research

16/06/22 Conference and workshop CULTURE AND INNOVATION In cooperation with “Elefsina 2023 – European Capital of Culture”, Tech Tour 2022, and the Athens University of Economics and Business

11/6/22 Public action-dialogue of the project “the AfroGreeks” at the Embassy of Nigeria in Athens. (live event)

31/5/22 Black History Month, radio and online public action of the project “the AfroGreeks”

18/5/22 Live event of the collective community project “the AfroGreeks”, RESTORING CLOSENESS the AfroGreeks live – MY LIFE…

17/05/22 Football action for World Anti-Homophobia Day in Kypseli, Athens

4/04/22 Screening of the restored ROM film for the first time without censorship at the Film Archive of Greece and discussion with the viewers

4/04/22 Screening of the film ROM in Kalamata, at the Peloponnese Documentary Festival

2/04/22 Participation in art exhibition SECCMA Trade. Curation: Kostas Stasinopoulos

01/04/22 Screening of the digitized film ROM and films of the Rom-net platform in Stockholm and online screening in collaboration with the Swedish Institute of Greece

28/03/22 Screening of the digitized ROM film and films of the Rom-net platform at Utopia in Luxembourg

19/03/22 Curating and organizing the art exhibition “Basic needs” at the supermarket OK and public discussion with the artist, artists, curators, and viewers at the Kypseli Agora

18/3/22 Music event and presentation of the project “the AfroGreeks” at the 15-year anniversary of the Museum of Cycladic Art

14/3/22 Screening of the film ROM at the 24th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

16/01/22 Artistic Action and discussion with artist Cooper Jacobi in collaboration with The Intermission gallery, Piraeus

11/12/21 Artistic – Sports Action – Human Rights Day, Greek Forum of Refugees

12/21 Music event (Research Action – Public Dialogues) RESTORING CLOSENESS – “the AfroGreeks” live in Crete

25-28/11/21 Action with screenings of the film ROM, presentation by Jonathan Larcher (EHESS), discussion with the public and experts, and music event at the Rivesaltes Centre in France, curated by Nicole Brenez (Cinematheque Française)

22-26/11/21 Screenings of the film ROM and public discussions with viewers and experts in different cities in Switzerland, organized by Spoutnik Cinema, Geneva

1/11/21 Visual Action – Participation in the program – Performance Attachments and Awakenings, Art Athina Virtual 2021

1-30/10/21 Music Action – the AfroGreeks at the 1st Multicultural Music Festival of the Greek Community of Multicultural Artists (GCMA)

17/10/21 The Afro-Greeks are guided through the modern history of Greece: Guided tour of the exhibition “1821 Before and After” at the Benaki Museum

17/09/21 Tënk Festival (France) for 60 days online via their platform theme programming “Peuples et luttes en Grèce / Pobloù ha stourmou e Gres”

16/09/21 the AfroGreeks meet “OMMA” Public action with discussion and music event in the framework of “Elefsina 2023 European Capital of Culture” and “Aeschylia 2021” Festival

23 & 27/8/21 Screening of ROM film, Douarnenez Festival (France) theme programming “Peuples et luttes en Grèce / Pobloù ha stourmou e Gres”

1/5/21 Music Action in a public space – the Afro Greeks and Greek traditional music, Panormos Folk Market, Adalou

25/04/21 Action in a public space of Kypseli, Grace Nwoke – Pedagogical Group “The Skassiarchio”: Afrofitness class with children in primary school

03/04/21 Negros tou Moria, Dauda Conteh – I am SourtouKis (spoken word), action in public and online space

21/03/21 Restoring Closeness, the AfroGreeks live, Live Events at various locations around the city

10/12/20 “I Am Not Your Negro & the AfroGreeks”, live event, screenings in a movie theater and online along with audience discussions (World Human Rights Day)

5-24/10/20 Screening of ROM film, OaxacaCine, Mexico

24-25/09/20 Artistic Action & Participation in the workshop “Archives, Process: images of the African and Black Diaspora” by Anietie Ekanem

14-15/07/20 Two-day painting workshop for young Afro-Greeks at the exhibition space “16 Fokionos Negri”

14/06/20 Action – Sit in Protest – Concert in the Amerikis Square “Black Lives Matter”

05/06/20 Artistic Dance Action at the solidarity protest at Syntagma Square, for the BLM movement “Black Lives Matter”

21/05/20 5th Floor: Tribute ( mini-retrospective) from the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, Switzerland

24/09/19 Artistic Action and discussion with artist John Knight, “The Intermission” Gallery, Piraeus

15/5/19 Video Installation – Public Dialogue the AfroGreeks, at the Kypseli Agora (Dialogues ISN)

5/04-1/06 Exhibition ALL SOULS DAY – PART II, RODEO, Piraeus

2019-2020 Visual Action – Video Installation [a]known destinations chapter III: reconnection – a second chance: exhibition. The AfroGreeks, 3-channel installation. Curation: Kostas Prapoglou

2011-2020 Meeting with remarkable people Interactive platform with 180 films and augmented material

2015 Video Installation, “Reminiscences of an Unprocessed Leather Technician”, 16’, part of Why Look at Animals. AGRIMIKÁ, Maria Papadimitriou’s Greek Pavilion, 56th Venice Biennale